Scarecrow Competition 31st July – 9th August

With no Flower Show and Country Fair this year, we have decided to organise a Scarecrow Competition to give us all something fun to focus on over the summer!


There has been a fantastic response to the Scarecrow Competition and there are 32 scattered around our villages for you to see! Not all are entered in the competition but they’re all for us to enjoy, see if you can spot the extras! They will be in place until 9th August.

The pdf below gives a list of all the scarecrow locations. If you are walking or driving around, please stay safe, respect people’s property and park sensibly. You don’t need to enter anyone’s land or garden to view the scarecrows. Please also be aware of and adhere to the current social distancing regulations. If you don’t know the villages well, do check locations on a map as some are off the beaten track!

Judging will take place early next week and results will be posted here and on facebook.

Scarecrow List

I have also compiled a complete set of photos on the pdf below. They follow the order of the list above with some extras at the end.

Scarecrow photos