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This page is full of resources for learning different aspects of bell ringing. There are links to other webpages, PDF documents and even videos. Comments, questions and suggestions are all welcome. Please pass them on to Matthew at the next practice.

Many of the links here are written by others and remain their property. We have provided these links because of their quality and availability in the public domain. We hope they help anyone browsing here to learn.


A useful slow-motion video on how to tie a bell rope : How to tie a bell rope

Call Changes

Guildford Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers Guide to starting Call Changes Note: it mostly covers calling down (forwards) but does have a section on calling up or back, which is how we call changes at Ashburnham : Call Changes

Thomas A Alspaugh – Call Changes Practice
The Call Changes Practice page on Thomas’s website gives a free online tool for practicing call changes. Useful for those learning to ring call changes : Call Changes Practice

The Change Ringing Toolkit – Called Changes
Just one of the ‘tools’ in the Change ringing toolkit is this one for Call Changes. It allows you to swap bells around and see what you would need to call to make the change if ringing it for real. Useful when learning to conduct call changes, but also useful when learning to ring call changes : The Change Ringing Toolkit – Called Changes

Bell Control and Call Changes Quiz
Think you’ve mastered call changes? Try this quiz and bring it along to practice night to see how well you’ve done : Bell Handling & Call Changes Quiz

Calling Call Changes – Starting to Conduct
Calling Call Changes is a great way to start to conduct and really isn’t that difficult once you get the hang of it. Here is a useful guide to getting started : Calling Call Changes

Plain Hunt

This document details the movements of three bells ringing plain hunt, with a fourth bell covering: Plain Hunt Singles

This document details ringing plain hunt on four and five bells, with a covering bell:Plain Hunt Minimus & Doubles

Singles Methods

Below is a link to an image of some Singles Methods (rung on just three bells):

Singles Methods

Ringing Up and Down

A very informative video of Graham Nabb giving a masterclass of ringing up and down. 26 minutes long : YouTube: Ringing up and down Masterclass

A useful video, again by Graham Nabb, covering ringing a bell up. Shows what is happening to the bell while ringing up which some people find useful to understand : YouTube: Ringing a bell up

A short video demonstrating chiming a bell : YouTube: Chiming a bell

Another useful video, again by Graham Nabb, covering ringing a bell down. Shows what is happening to the bell while ringing down : YouTube: Ringing a bell down

Ringing Up and Down in Peal

How it should be done! – some good clear examples of ringing up and down in peal can be seen from 3mins onwards in this video : YouTube: Ringing up and down in peal examples

A nice video showing how when ringing up in peal the bells should come in one at a time : YouTube: Ringing up in peal – Quite fast!


This page is organised in a rough order of difficulty, starting with the easier topics, but feel free to meander about:

Call Changes

Ringing Up and Down:
Ringing up and down
Ringing up and down in peal

Plain Hunt
Singles Methods

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