Anyone feeling that they could offer a little time to help resolve some of our broadband issues locally?


Wednesday 13 April.

A rural working party is being set up with Peter Miles, Chair of Dallington Parish Council, probably chairing the first meeting. If you would like to help this team and therefore improve our service locally then please contact Richard Hann on 01424 893130.


The parish council would like to hear your comments on rural broadband with a view to taking it further. Please write to Richard Hann at and attend the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 13 January when our broadband provision will be on the agenda.

Whilst some local residents will be satisfied with their broadband provision, others are less content and there are local businesses struggling with poor and intermittent provision. Broadband provision throughout the parish of Ashburnham and Penhurst is a very mixed picture indeed, largely due to the fact that telephone provision is split four ways.

The Pound, Brownbread Street , the area of Ashburnham south of Ponts Green and the area around the Church and Retreat Centre in Penhurst are on 01424 numbers generally starting 89. There is now fibre-based broadband to the cabinet at The Pound which comes off the Ninfield exchange. The speed varies in this area between 12 MB down to 0.5 MB depending how far the dwelling is from the Pound

The northern part of Penhurst has fibre-based broadband from the cabinet at Darwell Hole (at the top end of Penhurst Lane) which comes off the Brightling exchange.

Households in the north of Ashburnham, going towards Woods Corner, including Lakehurst Lane are on 01435 numbers and their exchange is Dallington. Overhead lines in this area have recently been renewed with the addition of ‘green boxes’ on the poles to deliver broadband.

Brigden Hill , Farthing Lane and Redpale homes (in the north west area of Ashburnham, adjacent to Bodle Street) are all on 01323 83 – – numbers from the exchange at Herstmonceux. The cabinet is in Joe’s Lane, Windmill Hill which is over 7 km away by the route the poles take. Consequently there is no broadband provision at all from BT over copper wire as the cabinet is much too far away. Residents here rely on a wireless solution using ‘dongles’ with SIM cards picking up a signal from the mast in the Windmill Hill area. This provides 3G or 4G and a speed of about 6MB but the signal strength is poor.

Our MP, Huw Merriman is hoping to meet with local Parish Councillors  in the summer of 2016. At this meeting rural broadband will be discussed . You will be kept informed of this initiative through this page and the parish magazine.