Interim Newsletter from the Parish Council

Back in March we took the decision to postpone the Annual Village meeting that was planned for 23 April, and as we have not yet been able to have that we have sent out in the post a written newsletter during the interim period to provide you with an update.

Updates on larger topics (such as Broadband and the New Village Hall) can be found under their relevant website page. Some of the other updates include:

  • The Parish Pump (the number to have a friendly chat during times of isolation) has now ended after the positive conclusion that this was not required by Parishioners, however the hotline number is still available if you need any help or errands run.
  • A review of street naming was launched last year after we received complaints about street name changes that appeared to have been made by Rother District Council with no substantive basis. As a result of a survey conducted with all of you, there were four streets identified and approved for a change/amendment of name. These changes were implemented by Rother District Council at the start of the year however it has come to our attention that in some cases there was also a concurrent change of postcode. The change of postcode has not been universally welcomed by all of those affected. We are now in the process of investigating why changes of postcode where deemed necessary. There is of course the possibility that the changes of postcode are unrelated to the street name changes given that the Post Office controls postcode and Rother District Council control street names. Once we have further information we will provide another update on this subject.
  • The Ashburnham Museum more likely known to you as the red telephone kiosk situated down at The Pound, has recently undergone a long overdue spell of TLC and now has a new paint of coat. Renovations are taking place to create the ‘museum’ of past and present. On the outside of the windowpanes we will reflect the present with advertisements and local notices. Stepping inside the kiosk one will then find the ‘past’ represented by a collection of historical photos and an associated digest of information. We plan to rotate the internal exhibits approximately 3 times a year in order to keep the displays interesting. We already have plenty of photos to populate the initial displays and aim to have the ‘museum’ officially open in 3 months time. All we need to do now is to find a suitable name for the kiosk in its new guise. All ideas are most welcome.