‘Outdoor Church’

On Sunday 31 July we had a very different type of service. We met in a
marquee on the Sports Ground and sat on bales of hay to worship together. The idea was that, following the wonderful village fair the day before, we would celebrate together the community of our villages in which we live.

John and Tina French and Jan Lambird acted out a sketch which humorously explained to us the surprising number and quality of events and activities which are held in our villages every week. John Cormode explained how our churches pray for our community and can give support to those in pastoral need. Matthew Jones, our bell tower captain, opened our eyes to the rich history of bell ringing in our land and at St Peter’s Ashburnham.

community photo 31st July 2016

During the course of the service everybody contributed to the paper chain you can see in the photograph. It helped to remind us that we are all links in the chain of the active community of our villages. We might pause to thank God for the privilege of living in this fine area of East Sussex.

Rev Paul McVeagh
Vicar of Ashburnham