Ultrafast broadband is coming soon

Local village councils have clubbed together and reached a deal with Openreach to build fibre connections for hundreds of homes in all the local villages.  It won’t cost you anything because you have a voucher worth £1500 allocated to you (£3500 if you are running a business from home).  You can only spend the voucher by pledging it to the project so it’s important that everyone does that as soon as possible.  By pledging your voucher you are not committing to anything – not even to take the broadband service when it’s available.   To check that you have a voucher available go to Voucher Checker .   If you have a  voucher you can pledge it in just a few moments at  Pledge my voucher .  It’s as easy as that.  Once enough vouchers have been pledged Openreach say they will install the equipment within a year.