New Hall Fundraising Events

Next event:

Our next fundraising event is the Village Bonfire on 12th November 2021 at the Cricket Pavilion.

The 100 Club

For just £1 a month you have the opportunity to support the New Village Hall and win a cash prize!  Spaces are still available, so phone Robin on 01424 892674 to sign up.  A number will be allocated to you at random and entered in the monthly draw which takes place at the Ash Tree Inn Pub Quiz.

Events in 2019

bonfire 2015The Vintage Motor Cycle Club held their annual show on the sports field on 13th July and the events team did the catering as a fund raiser for the new hall.  £650 was raised and the event looks like becoming a regular in the Ashburnham social calendar!

The Country Fair & Flower Show on 27th July was another great success and entries to the flower show were 50% up on the previous year (admittedly a low number).  The weather forecast deterred many stall holders from coming but the forecast was, in fact, correct and the rain cleared by around mid-day.  A record £4500 was raised for the new hall.


The total so far…

Our target is to raise £30,000 from local fundraising events. So far we have raised £21,000 for the New Hall. Full details are here.