Our Local Environment

Litter and Fly-Tipping


From time to time, fly-tipping is a problem in our villages.

Please report instances of fly-tipping to Rother District Council, and also to Councillor Tina French.



Light and Noise pollution

Both of our parishes fall within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, this means the environment has a status of enhanced protection. If you have any problems or concerns about dark skies or aircraft noise, please get in touch with Councillor Zoe O’Sullivan.


Cutting of the wildflower verges

Updated summer 2020: We are sure that you have all noticed this year’s particularly splendid display of wild flowers in our verges.

It was somewhat unfortunate then, that the schedule for rural (verge) cutting in some cases resulted in this wonderful display being cut down in its prime.

Verges are typically scheduled for two cuts per year. So in order to help protect and preserve our wild flowers and encourage wildlife, we are reviewing this policy and will see whether we can identify selected lanes where we will implement a reduced amount of verge cutting, particularly during the wild flower growing season.