New Hall Design & Planning

Latest Progress Updated JANUARY 2020


After successfully gaining planning permission for our new village hall in February 2017 a funding bid was submitted to acquire the necessary money to enable us to comply with an attached Rother planning condition of upgrading the entrance way. This bid was approved and the first phase of the work on the entrance way has been completed. That is the section abutting the highway. The remaining work should be completed in January 2020. You will see that it has been widened and re surfaced, and as the second stage goes ahead there will be a new height barrier and gates.

A storage container has now been positioned just inside the boundary by the entrance way for use during the construction phases.


The materials for use on the new village hall have been decided upon. These relate to the brickwork above ground and below the cladding, the cladding itself, the roof tiles and the exterior lighting. These have now been approved this month by the planning department at Rother which was necessary before above ground construction can take place. We were expecting to have the details of materials approved by end of 2019 so we were close. Rother have approved clay peg tiles and wooden weather boarding.


We have now appliedĀ for building regulations approval. We hope to have early project cost information in the first half of 2020 so that we start applying for funding opportunities.


The new lease has been agreed with the trustees of the Ashburnham Estate and is expected to be signed in January 2020. This permits the building of the village hall and widens the permitted activities which will come into line with those permitted in the old village hall.

Construction start

Planning Permission expires if a start on construction has not been made within three years of the date of granting permission. Ours expires on 17th February 2020 and so we are construction some of the foundations which will be signed off by the building inspector and will count as having made a start.

Full minutes from the New Hall Steering Group meetings can be found here.