New Hall Design & Planning


Planning permission for the new hall was gained in 2017 and secured in perpetuity following the sinking of a series of foundations which were successfully signed off by building control.

The original planning permission was conditional on improvements to the site’s entranceway onto the main road. We put in a bid to the Lottery Fund which awarded us the necessary money to carry out the improvements which have made the entranceway wider, accessible for pedestrians and with a secure vehicle gateway.

A storage container has been positioned just inside the boundary by the entrance way for use during the construction phases and is currently being used to store equipment that will be used in the new hall.

The new lease for the land on which the hall will be built has been agreed with the trustees of the Ashburnham Estate. This permits the building of the village hall and widens the permitted activities which will come into line with those permitted in the old village hall.

What are we doing at the moment?

Members of the Steering Group are have had a series of meetings with a company helping us draw up detailed plans and costings for the internal works needed for the new hall.¬†Others on the committee are getting costs together for different aspects of the build so that we can have a full series of ‘good enough’ costs to use as we approach potential funders.

We have all been involved in the fundraising events already held this year – including the Flower Show and Country Fair and catering for the Vintage Motorcycle Show. We are working hard on other events – see the fundraising page for more details. Our aim is always to hold events that not only raise funds but also provide great opportunities for our community to get together.

Full minutes from the New Hall Steering Group meetings can be found here.