Your representatives

There are seven seats on your Parish Council –  five for Ashburnham Ward (A) and two for Penhurst Ward (P).  If there are insufficient nominations at an election or if a vacancy arises during the four year term of office of the council, then the council must co-opt members to fill the vacancies. Scroll down to see councillors’ lead responsibilities.

Nicky Bishop (A) Chair – elected
01424 892474

Richard Hann (P) Vice-Chair – elected
01424 893130

Richard White (A) – elected
01424 892481

Andrew Hoad (A) – co-opted
01424 893033

Tina French (A) – co-opted
01424 892580

Carol Andrews (P) – co-opted
01424 892439

Ron King (A) – elected
01424 892597

The Parish Clerk is Brian Holdstock who may be contacted by email to or by phone on 01323 832082.

Councillors’ Lead Responsibilities

  • Planning – Cllr Nicky Bishop,
  • Financial strategy – Cllr Andy Proudfoot,
  • Council Premises and Property – Cllr Ron King,
  • Traffic and Transport – Cllrs Carol Andrews, Nicky Bishop and Tina French,
  • Local Action Plan – Cllrs Tina French, Richard Hann and Richard White,
  • Highways, refuse collection, rural broadband – Cllr Richard Hann,