Your representatives

There are seven seats on your Parish Council –  five for the parish of Ashburnham (A) and two for the parish of Penhurst (P).  If there are insufficient nominations at an election or if a vacancy arises during the four year term of office of the council, then the council must co-opt members to fill the vacancies. Scroll down to see councillors’ lead responsibilities. The current four year term ends in May 2019.

Carol Andrews (P)- co-opted
01424 892439

Nicky Bishop (A) Chair – elected
01424 892474

Tina French (A) – co-opted
01424 892580

Andrew Hoad (A) – co-opted
01424 893033

Neil McConkey (A) – co-opted

Richard White (A) – elected
01424 892481


The Parish Clerk is Brian Holdstock who may be contacted by email to or by phone on 01323 832082.

Councillors’ Lead Responsibilities

  • Planning – Cllr Nicky Bishop,
  • Financial strategy – Cllr Neil McConkey
  • Council Premises and Property –
  • Traffic and Transport – Cllrs Carol Andrews, Nicky Bishop and Tina French,
  • Local Action Plan – Cllrs Tina French and Richard White,
  • Highways, refuse collection – Cllr Andrew Hoad
  • Rural Broadband – Cllr Andrew Hoad

Councillors’ Declarations of Interest

The law requires councillors to publicly declare their interests and for the declarations to be publicly available.  They have always been available on the web site of Rother District Council but they are now required to be made available on the parish website.