Your representatives

There are seven seats on your Parish Council –  five for the parish of Ashburnham (A) and two for the parish of Penhurst (P).  If there are insufficient nominations at an election or if a vacancy arises during the four year term of office of the council, then the council must co-opt members to fill the vacancies. The new four year term started in May 2019.  There were three vacant seats after the election, but these have now been filled by co-option.  These are your representatives (scroll down to see their lead responsibilities):

Jay Ashworth (A) – co-opted
07876 484945

Andrew Hoad (P) – co-opted
Chairman of the Council 2019
01424 893033

Ron King (A) – elected

Chris Sinden (P) – co-opted

Paul Spicer (A) -co-opted

Richard White (A) – elected
Vice Chairman 2019
01424 892481

The Parish Clerk is Brian Holdstock who may be contacted by email to or by phone on 01323 832082.

Two of the councillors listed below have since left the parish council – Zoe O’Sullivan and Tina French.

Photo of the current Parish Councillors

Councillors’ Lead Responsibilities

This list shows the broad division of responsibilities.  If there is a topic you want to see in the list but which is not there then please contact the clerk.

  • Cllr tba – Environment, Sustainability & Wellbeing including affordable housing:
    • Bus service liaison
    • Affordable housing review
    • Needy households awareness (Rother Rural Trust)
    • Refuse collection and Recycling
    • ESCC Waste management policy awareness
    • Zero carbon village
    • Protection of the natural world (hedgerows, wildflower verges)
    • Wildlife pathways
    • Development of former payphone as museum
  • Cllr Andrew Hoad – Internet Broadband Connectivity
    • Rural broadband – superfast for all
    • The council’s strategic objectives including financial ones
  • Cllr Ron King – Highways (smooth and safe roads)
    • Potholes and road mending
    • SLR agenda and rapport with Highways
    • Cutting verges to maintain safe visibility
    • Finger post maintenance programme
    • Drainage issues – ditches, gulley pot emptying
  • Cllr tba – Communications & Involvement, Rural character preservation
    • Website compliance with statutory requirements
    • Schedule postings to website and social media
    •  Planning policy development and updates
    • Village rural character preservation
      • Dark night sky
      • Litter picking
  • Cllr Chris Sinden – Community Events
    • Annual assembly presentations
    • Maintenance of defibrillators
    • Carol Singing
    • Remembrance service
    • Fairs and coffee mornings
    • Village bonfire
  • Cllr Paul Spicer – Public rights of way
    • Footpaths and bridleways upkeep
    • Landowners liaison regarding hedges maintenance
    • Cycling and Walking infrastructure plan
    • ESCC rights of way team liaison
  • Cllr Richard White – New Village Hall and Sports Pavilion
    • New village hall – project management
    • Cricket pavilion and recreation ground maintenance
    • Chair of village hall management committee

Responses to Rother D.C. consultations on planning applications are determined by all councillors either at a council meeting or a meeting of the Planning Committee (of which all councillors are members).

Councillors’ Declarations of Interest

The law requires councillors to publicly declare their interests and for the declarations to be publicly available.  They are listed below.
Ron King
Chris Sinden
Paul Spicer
Richard White