Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a new hall when we already have one?

Our current village hall has served the community well for many decades, since it ceased being the village school. However it is showing its age and needs a considerable amount of money spent on it to bring it up to date and make it fully accessible. In addition, there is very little outside space which is entirely taken up by a small car park.

The proposed site for the New Village Hall offers fantastic views across our beautiful countryside, outside space for events, parking and a fully accessible and adaptable building to meet the needs of our community today.

Why can’t we just refurbish the current village hall to bring it up to modern standards?

We could do this, it would require a great deal of planning, fundraising and grant applications as the money involved would be considerable. In addition it wouldn’t solve the outside space issue which can’t be added to. The proposed site of the new hall has so much more to offer.

Don’t we need planning permission?

Yes, planning permission is essential but we already have it! We successfully applied back in 2017 and met initial conditions, including widening and improving the safety of the entranceway to the Sports Field site. We have also sunk foundations for the new hall to ensure that we have permission in perpetuity.

Where does the money come from to fund these things?

The money has all come through village fundraising and grant applications. We hold regular fundraising events such as the annual Country Fair, Bonfire and Fireworks, Village quizzes etc. In addition, we successfully applied for a lottery grant to fund the works to the entranceway and used local contractors to carry out the work. As of March 2023 there was £10,589 in the Appeal Fund.