Financial information & regulatory documents

Notice of Public Rights and publication of AGAR for 201718

Every year the Parish Council must publish a set of documents containing governance statements and key accounting figures. Known previously as the Annual Return it has been rebadged for 201718 as the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR).  Furthermore, smaller authorities in 201718 may exempt themselves from the requirement to send the AGAR for external audit provided  certain conditions are met.  However, the return must still be published in full and made available for inspection on request during a period of 30 business days which includes the 2nd–13th July 2018.

Accordingly, you may view the following documents here:

Your Public Rights – a statement of what your rights are.
Notice of Exercise of Public Rights  – the statutory notice telling you the dates between which you may inspect the accounts..
Annual Governance and Accountability Return – this is the full document inlcuding the Certificate of Exemption (from external audit), the Annual Governance Statement and the Accounting Statement.

Financial information for 201718

The Parish Council is obliged by law to publish the following information online for the prior year and to do so by 1st July every year. Here is the information for the year ended 31 March 2018:

All items of expenditure over £100   201718ExpensesOver£100
End of year accounts  201718APPC_FullYearEndAccounts
Internal Audit Report  201718APPCintrenalAuditReport
List of Councillor’s responsibilities Councillors
The details of public land and building Assets 201718Asset Register

Budget and current year income and expenditure

In addition to historic information the parish council publishes its budget for the current year which you may download here. 201819APPC_Budget

The parish council has chosen to provide a running account of income and expenditure at intervals coinciding with parish council meetings.  Councillors receive a list of income and expenditure since the previous meeting and a form of this will be published here after the council meeting.  In order to comply with data protection regulations it will be edited so that individuals are not identified.

Receipts and payments April, May, June 2018
Receipts and payments July, Aug, Sep 2018
Receipts and payments October 2018
Receipts and Payments Nov and Dec 2018
Receipts and Payments Jan, Feb, Mar 2019

Regulatory documents

Council practises and procedures are governed by three governing documents which cover finance and accounting, council procedures and the conduct of councillors.  These are listed below and may be downloaded by clicking the link.

Financial regulations
Members Code of Conduct