Potholes news

Costain CH2M is the name of the Joint Venture company that is the new contractor for all Highways matters from 1st May 2016. Costain CH2M repaired potholes will be insured by Costain CH2M, which hopefully means they will be doing some good work! Costain CH2M will also clean all road signs annually. We have been assured that proposed work in the locality will be easier to look up online and track what’s happening. East Sussex County Council claims that reporting and fixing highways issues will become easier and quicker.

We have been told that £642,000 for ESCC pothole repairs is being made available  in 2016/17 by Central Government.

The road-markings at the Pound have recently been repainted.

Strengthening Local Relationships (SLR) meetings

pothole fix me
SLR is a programme of regular meetings between East Sussex Highways representatives and a parish council.   The frequency of meetings is determined by the parish and we have opted for two per year for our SLR with the inaugural meeting having been held in June 2018.  It’s not just potholes and not even just highways matters which can be discussed.  Provided the county team are given advance notice in which to do their research a wide range of topics can be covered.  With the second meeting due on 6 November 2018 we are still finding our way so watch this space! 

Reporting potholes and problems online.

You can report issues online at  http://www.eastsussexhighways.com/
You will need to provide the following information:

  • Where is it? (road name, town, nearby landmarks or house numbers)
  • How big is it? e.g. golf ball, tennis ball or football sized (please only measure if safe to do so)
  • Your contact details – in case the Highways team needs more information.

If you don’t know how to do it, watch the below step by step video:

DON’T use Fix My Street!

The new contractor, Costain CH2M, does not use Fix My Street, so please don’t use it any longer to report potholes or other highways issues apart from fly tipping which is a Rother District Council responsibility.  Use the new online system instead – you will get an auto reply with a case number so that you can track progress..

Repair Time Targets

East Sussex Highways has set the following time-to-repair targets, which depend on the depth and width of the pothole:

  • Category 1:  At least 100mm deep and at least 300mm wide – make safe or repair within two hours
  • Category 2: 60mm to 99mm deep and at least 300mm wide – make safe or repair within five days
  • Category 3: 40mm to 59mm deep and at least 300mm wide – make safe or repair within 28 days